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A Prestige sunroof not only adds distinction and comfort to your vehicle, it totally transforms your driving experience.

Scientific tests at the University of Siena, in Italy, prove that the installation of a sunroof enhances the reaction time of the driver and the wellbeing of passengers. Airborne contaminants such as cigarette smoke and food smells are instantly and effortlessly disposed of.

Just as you tune your vehicle’s motor to get the best performance, a Prestige sunroof lets you tune your inner driving environment for maximum enjoyment and safety. Brightness and alertness without heat, total climate control at the touch of a button, and the feeling of freedom and space combine to produce a unique motoring experience, well suited to our WA Climate.

Even winter days can be bright and sunny, and though the external temperature may only be 18, a closed car can approach 30 degrees or more. All attempts to get the inner climate to approach comfort are limited by the inbuilt ventilation and air conditioning systems, but with a Prestige sunroof the efficiency is dramatically improved by the Venturi effect. The change is almost instantaneous, without the noise and turbulence of having to open a side window.

Prestige Sunroofs WA is the only fully approved installer of the Webasto Hollandia, with the ultimate sunroof technology. All aspects of installation, from fitting to electronics, are completed to the strictest quality control standards, on the premises, and there are no hidden costs. The price quoted is the price charged and every phase of the work, from trimming through to mechanical and electrical, is completely guaranteed for three years.

Graduate to the next dimension of driving pleasure, comfort and safety and you’ll wonder why you ever put up with a stuffy, dark, driving capsule. All Major Vehicle Dealers use Prestige Sunroofs WA and only Prestige, as a matter of course, so why not you?

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